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Building Australia's first wealth ecosystem.
This is more like it. OMG about us shows some Aussie natives with some bees. Are they blue-banded bees? Imagine if they left colourful contrails like that in real life!

OMG (Openmarkets Group) is an Australian, independent trading and wealth management fintech, providing a full suite of technologies and market infrastructure to investment professionals and connecting consumers with investment and advice.

OMG mission

Our mission is to accelerate access to wealth creation, making investment more efficient and cost-effective for all Australians, whether they choose to use a financial adviser or go it alone.

OMG values

Radical - we open markets

Through our technology, we significantly reduced the cost of trading, allowing fintech platforms to provide affordable trading to Australians.

Uplifting - we empower others

We’re providing tools that generate quality financial advice at scale and low cost, making it accessible to many.

Bold - we push boundaries

We've grown through collaboration and acquisition, and forged partnerships with those traditionally seen as competitors to help grow the ecosystem.

OMG story


We’re a company forged in mergers and acquisitions and united by a desire to create a wealthier Australia. We’re continuing to integrate great technology and grow the open architecture ecosystem.

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OMG team

Naseema Sparks, AM

Independent Chair

Naseema is an experienced Chair and Director and brings 15+ years' experience in oversight of high-growth consumer facing technology companies, including steering a number of pre-IPO organisations through to a successful ASX listing. Naseema is a former Managing Director of M&C Saatchi in Australia and Global Partner of the firm.

Eric Gao

Non-Executive Director

Eric was the founder of investment house BMY Group and has over 15 years of professional experience in investment, wealth management and fintech. Eric (Songyu) Gao is a specialist in economic/industry/company analysis, marketing and sales management.

Julius Wei, non-executive director at OMG

Julius Wei

Non-Executive Director

Julius (Ruihao) Wei, CFA, FRM, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of BMYG Financial Group, has extensive experience in the Finance Industry across Europe, Asia and Australia. Julius is specialised in financial analysis and investment management in various asset classes, overseeing the 500 million+ AUD portfolio managed by BMYG.

Dan Jowett

Chief Executive Officer

Dan has 25 years’ professional experience across stockbroking, wealth management, funds management and investment banking. Prior to joining OMG, Dan was at Shaw and Partners for 10 years, as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer and commenced his career providing financial assurance and advisory services whilst at PwC and KPMG. Dan is responsible for the overall group strategy, P&L and revenue growth.

Scott Anderson – Chief Relationship Officer, Openmarkets

Scott Anderson

Chief Relationship Officer

Scott has worked in financial services for 25 years in both London and Sydney in executive relationship management and sales roles, notably including Merrill Lynch and BNYM Pershing. Scott has managed relationships with some of Australia’s largest stockbroking firms and institutional businesses and is a derivatives specialist.

Nick Hornstein, General Counsel, OMG

Nick Hornstein

General Counsel

Nick has over 10 years experience spanning corporate law, private and public capital raisings, M&A, private equity and venture capital. Prior to joining OMG, Nick was a senior associate at Holding Redlich, personally managing three of the four micro-cap IPOs – having had the same experience in New Zealand at a top-tier law firm.

Aurelien Garreau, Chief Technology Officer, OMG

Aurelien Garreau

Chief Technology Officer

Over 20 years’ experience in technology, with 10 years managing multiple local and offshore technology teams. Founder of multiple tech start-ups (Cannon Trading, SwiftID). Aurelien was an architect of OMG, Domain and Bauer's media APIs.

If you'd like to join our growing team, OMG we'd love to chat!

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