Author: Carla Deale

Your redundancy survival guide

So you’ve just been made redundant. If you’re like most people, you’re probably a fair few spoonfuls deep into a tub Haagen-Daaz.

That’s fine–take your time. But here’s what to do next.

Your guide to neobanks

Contrary to what you might think, neobanks aren’t part of an obscure reference to The Matrix. Neobanks (unfortunately) do not involve, nor have ever involved Keanu Reeves, and are actually just all-online banks.

Does money keep you up at night?

Most of us have a pretty complicated relationship with cash. We’ve all asked ourselves if we’re making enough, saving enough and doing enough. Most of us feel guilt when we overspend, or spend money on the wrong things.
But what happens when it’s more than that?