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Frequently asked questions

OpenMarkets Group provides execution-only share trading services to self-directed investors, active traders and financial advisers and intermediaries.
Our services include:

  • Web-based and desktop trading and market analysis platforms
  • Direct market access to ASX, Chi-X and NSX stock exchanges
  • Direct market access to buy/sell:
  • Australian Equities (stocks, hybrids, ETFs, LICS, XTBs and Warrants)
  • Exchange Traded Options (bought puts/calls and covered calls).
  • Real-time trading and market data APIs for software integration
  • One-Off Sales service

OpenMarkets charges brokerage fees on a per trade basis as follows:

Equity Rate

$5.00 UP TO $2,500
$15.00 $2,500 to $15,000 trade
0.10% over $15,000 trade

Options Rate

$28.00 OR 0.28%*
*whichever is greater based on premium value per leg

Financial Adviser & Intermediaries

Wholesale rates are available for active traders and active intermediaries. Please contact to discuss.

There are no fees associated with opening a trading account (or linked cash account) with OpenMarkets for Australian residents.

For international/overseas residents however we charge a fee of $200(AUD) to open a trading account. This includes the provision of an OpenMarkets ANZ Cashactive bank account. An invoice will be generated upon receipt of your application which must be paid before we can open your account. 

OpenMarkets offers direct market access to the following Australian stock exchanges:

  1. Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

  2. Chi-X Australia (Chi-X)

  3. National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX)

Products you can trade include:

  1. Shares or stocks
    Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) such as:
    Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    Exchange Traded Bond Units (XTBs)
    Listed Investment Companies (LICs)
    Options (bought puts/calls and covered calls)
    Transferable Custody Receipts (newly listed on Chi-X)

Note: A standard trading account provides access to all the above listed securities with the exception of Options, which requires you to complete/sign an Options Application Form.

Products by platform

Please see the table below for which markets and products you can access through each of our trading platform.


Products you can trade

  1. OpenTrader
  2. ASX listed shares
    IRESS (Trader/ViewPoint/Pro)
  3. ASX listed shares, hybrids, warrants, ETFs, ETPs and LICs
    ASX Options (bought puts/calls and covered calls)
    Chi-X listed shares, warrants and TraCRs
    NSX listed shares