Media release: Trading platform & brokerage, Openmarkets Group, launches pre-IPO round

Australia’s largest trading infrastructure and brokerage platform, Openmarkets Group, has appointed E&P Corporate Advisory and Investec Corporate Advisory to conduct its pre-IPO roadshow.

Beginning on Thursday (28 January) and concluding next Wednesday (3 February), the roadshow opened to a strong reception from wholesale and institutional investors, with markets already excited by recent record levels of investment and returns in home-grown and high-growth fintechs.

The raise provides an opportunity for new investors to profit from the exponential global growth in financial services technology and online trading, while allowing Openmarkets Group to accelerate its own growth through increased investment in marketing and technology, says Ivan Tchourilov, CEO of Openmarkets Group.

“Openmarkets Group is uniquely positioned to service the challenger platforms that are rapidly gaining significant market share, as the only player providing a vertically integrated ‘broker as a service’ solution across wholesale clearing, trading technology solutions, advice, and retail brokerage,” said Mr. Tchourilov.

“Our wholesale trading platform ‘Openmarkets’ has empowered the likes of SelfWealth, Superhero, Marketech, and Stockspot to drive innovation by providing highly affordable access to markets. This caters to the new broader audience of digitally-savvy online traders, who are looking for an alternative to savings as interest rates remain low.

“As the current best option for any global fintech wanting to connect to Australian markets like the ASX and Chi-X, and considering we have the ability to expand to other global listed markets, the opportunity in front of us is significant.

“Our ability to capitalise on the current favourable market trends, momentum from multiple acquisitions performed last year, and strong investor feedback during our non-deal roadshow in late 2020, indicated that now was the time to proceed with a pre-IPO raise.”

Openmarkets Group services over 180,000 accounts and clears over $50 billion in annualised volume. Its trading has tripled in the last 10 months, despite ASX volumes dropping over 30 per cent, resulting in 183 per cent growth year-to-date. And it has over 150 B2B clients (AFSLs), including significant retail players like Selfwealth, Stockspot and Superhero, and its technology stack supports over 750 financial advisors.

Openmarkets Group consists of four finance enterprises – Openmarkets, TradeFloor, OpenTrader, and CCUBE – that each offer diverse and unique services targeting finance professionals, intermediary businesses, and consumers.

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Openmarkets Group ( is Australia’s largest trading infrastructure platform and brokerage, providing a vertically integrated ‘broker as a service’ solution across wholesale clearing, trading technology, advice, and retail brokerage. The group comprises an independent trading ecosystem of four finance enterprises, each with unique products and services targeted to finance professionals such as planners, intermediaries like advisers, and online traders:

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