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OpenTrader is a fully-owned subsidiary of OpenMarkets, which is a Market Participant of ASX, Chi-X and NSX. OpenMarkets is also an ASX Clear and Settlement Participant. 

Dedicated Customer Service

A local team services your requests, led by an experienced and dedicated relationship team.


Experienced DTRs

Our trading desk is super experienced to work large orders and deliver advanced technical support.


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We give you access to Equities, Options, ETFs and Corporate Actions across ASX, CHI-X and NSX.


Professional Free Education

For almost a decade, we have been committed to bringing retail investors the best educational content as part of a broader goal to improve the financial literacy of everyday Australians.



Own the shares in your own name, sponsored by OpenMarkets.


We're Connected

Inegrated with market-leading providers like TradingView, Morningstar, Sharesight and IRESS